Review on Amazon or Discuss right here


So, we got two kinds of reviews:  1. Amazon for marketing purposes and 2. Here for a discussion.



Amazon puts a LOT of stock on reviews to rank and promote a title.  They say we gotta get to 50 reviews from “strangers” (not family)  before they even pay attention.   So, long story short, a couple of lines and a rating on Amazon can go a LONG way toward helping more people stumble across the 5 THINGS.  Doesn’t have to be long or complicated… just your quick take.  THANK YOU for considering.



“Ain’t nobody got time for all this.  I was just checking out the 5 THINGS... I don’t need no assignment or anything else on my to-do list!”   


I know, I get it.  Maybe just skip over this part. I’m just thrilled you got this far!



BUT HEY, if you want to dive into any part of the book for a discussion, that’s what this page is for.  (scroll down)

HERE you can get specific, OR you can respond to someone else’s “review” or commentary.


Whatever you’re feeling…  like “what the heck were you thinking on page 52?”       Or “I especially like this anecdote. It reminds me of something that happened to me.” (then launch right into it.) Or “Hey, I just thought of the 6th THING!”  Spill it!   


Your thoughts on the 5 THINGS?  What was the best part?  What was the not so best part?  Did you try some Actionables?   Do you have an actionable to share?  Anything else?